Five Most Overused Words Amongst Adolescents

Five Most Overused Words Amongst Adolescents

These words are used so much amongst teens that it will drive you insane!


The word that has ventured deepest into the pop cultural abyss of overused words is “like”. Seemingly enough, it is used by teenagers after every other word. Example: “Oh my gosh like this is like the best day ever! Like… you know?”. There is just a small example of this horrid abominable dialect that is only understood amongst teenage gossip. Overuse of words like these should be disposed of immediately or else we will face, in the nigh future, a monotonous drone of the word “like” everywhere you go, although that may have already happened. “Like” may be used when someone of a low IQ is at a loss of words, and has to say something to fill in awkward gaps in a conversation.


“Awesome” is an extremely overused word. In its formal meaning, it means something that fills you with awe, something that has some much awe that you exclaim that it is simply “awesome”. The word “awesome” is used so much that by not only teens, but all age groups that it has taken to a new level informality and has turned into a “kiddish” word. If you lived in the 1920s, “awesome” would be a formal word that could be used in an orderly meeting amongst adults, but nowadays it is no longer appropriate for that sort of talk.


Aah, now we approach the vast array of modern “leetspeak” that is used infamously on Online MMORPGs, X Box Live, and things of the like… it has even become so overused that in some areas, it is not only used in a virtual environment, but also in real life, particularly amongst learning pupils (I know this firsthandedly). For you older folks who have know clue what a noob is, it is basically someone who is new to, let’s say, an online game, although it may be used nonchalantly in any situation, even amongst a very skilled player (or person in real life). Some people take it personal when they are called a noob, but I have learned to simply ignore usage of the word noob and just laugh at their utter stupidity and lack of knowledge of a more sophisticated realm, known to some as “real life”. Yes… that was very sarcastic, indeed.


Although it isn’t anything too new (yes, all you grandparents, hopefully you know what this means), the word “cool” is still very overused amongst adolescents, as well as older age groups. In its informal form, it means something that is quite astounding, amazing, or coveted. For instance, a teenager may say “Oh yeah Atreyu they’re my favorite band… they’re so sick and cool that I’m gonna go see their concert!”. This is a good example of the overusage of the word. You could also say that someone who is popular is “cool”, although 9/10 times this is not the case (you “cool” kids know who you are!). My mind has become so corrupted from the frequency of this word being said that I no longer think of something as cold when I hear the word cool, but something that is rather intruiging, for instance, like my Science teacher’s Psychrometer.


Not exactly overused, but has still lost its original meaning of something that is burning to the touch. In adolescent culture, “hot” either means one of the following: 1. A sexually appealing person. 2. A “trendy” accessorie/item. 3. Something that may define someone as sexually appealing. Putting these popular meanings into a sentence may come out with something like: “Wow, did you see that girl’s hair? It’s pretty hot, I think.” Although I have just executed an extremely corny sentence, it gets across the meaning, although you probably already know it.

So, if someone used all of these words in a sentence, like “That is SOOO not, like, awesome you noob, just standing next to me you’re making me lose my status of being cool and hot.”, I may aswell keel over and die.

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George, posted this comment on Oct 9th, 2010

That is like so not like cool you noob. It\’s not awesome and I\’m like losing my status of being hot as we like speak. Not cool noob.

Robert Wayne, posted this comment on Dec 14th, 2010

I never heard of the word ‘noob’, but everytime I hear some pimple faced kid call something that doesn’t amount to much of anything ‘awesome’, I want to slap the hell out of him. Same thing goes for commercials for cell phone companies, etc. who yap about how ‘awesome’ their stupid product is.

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